Through our harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships with the natural environment and our friends the Cape honeybee’s, Apis Capensis,  we have the following to offer you


Pure honey


Propolis tincture

Raw propolis


And to assist you in your harmonious relationships with bees we have the following services to offer you

 Bee removals    

Bee keeping training

Apiary site selection and establishment of colonies

Bee hive maintenance

Planting for bees 

Design and establishment of bee fodder, integrated harmoniusly and with multiple beneficial functions according to your unique environment and needs   

Our apiary sites are situated in wild environments in the Bitou river valley, the leermandsdrif valley, Boschfontein and the Crags, in the Garden Route, South Africa

The honeybees forage in diverse indigenous forest, fynbos, eucalyptus and our own gardens. 

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For guidance in planting forage for bees, here are some resources to peruse.

                             Beeloved bee plants                Kirstenbosch  plant list                Plants for Bees 


All ethically and hand produced

with the utmost love & respect  for the bees