Regenerative landscape design

Our work is inspired by natural systems, working in harmony with nature, and with locally available and renewable resources.
We aim to benefit nature, enhance the natural landscape and provide for your needs and vision.

Adaptable to any environment or project, from urban areas to small holdings, broader landscapes or farms.

Sites are observed and designed to make the most of the inherent nature of the site and to develop the most suitable and regenerative environment for the success of the intended project.

Our experience and skills are diverse and grounded in permaculture design. 


We offer consultation, design and implementation in the following:

Permaculture design

Regenerative land use systems 

Food gardens and food production systems

Water management

Orchards and food forest systems

Windbreaks and tree systems

Bee fodder systems 

Land rehabilitation

Working with wattle and other invasive species

Unique & creative projects and land-artscaping


Permaculture landscape design 

Design of homesteads and projects, both urban and farm, for productivity , beauty and sustainability.

Ecological design takes the whole site, climate and environment into consideration, coming to an understanding of the inherent nature of the site, its challenges and opportunities, and harmoniously integrating your vision and needs.

Main land use areas and access are identified.  Water management, appropriate plant systems and all elements of the vision integrated.  

The overall design works towards creating a conducive environment for all aspects of the site and vision, and works with appropriate elements and species according to the unique environment and conditions of the site.

Integrating as appropriate: Food gardens and food production systems. Orchards and food forest systems. Animal systems. Water management . Windbreaks, shelterbelts and living barriers. Firebreak. Land rehabilitation. Any elements that are a part of the project vision.


Water management

Water management design works to harness the full potential of water on the landscape and avoid damage.   

Landscapes and systems are designed through observation of the natural slope and the flow of water, to find favourable ways of getting water to work for you in the following ways:

  • Observation and design of water catchment systems.
  • Working on contour to sink and spread water to where it is needed and to slow it down, preventing the damaging effects of strong water flow.
  • Making use of water diversions to move the water away from where it is not needed to where it can be best utilised.
  •  Applications as appropriate of water sinks, swales, berms, terraces, wetlands, water storages, dams, ponds level spill overflows, plant and tree systems to enhance the living ecosystems and rehabilitate damaged environments.


Food gardens and food production systems.

Food gardens designed for the unique characteristics and needs of the site and people.
Integrating both annual and perennial foods, herb layers, support layers, water management and soil management.
Designed with permaculture principles, creating an energy efficient, regenerative and productive system.


Tree systems 

Design and implementation of  tree systems to suit your needs and vision.

Systems are designed in harmony with the existing natural environment, with appropriate species selected to provide specific functions.

  • Food for humans
  • Fodder for animals and bees
  • windbreaks
  • security hedges
  • screens and buffers 
  • shade and recreation
  • firebreaks 
  • forest systems 
  • land restoration 

All tree systems provide a wildlife habitat and offer multiple benefits


Land rehabilitation

Working with permaculture foundations we offer a land rehabilitation service for land that is overburdened with invasive vegetation or has suffered effects from erosion, fire, overgrazing, or negative agricultural practices.

A design and implementation process will be developed that takes account for your unique environment and needs.
This include water and soil and animal management, and a planting programme suitable to the environmental conditions.  The planting programme may rehabilitate land back to mirroring the inherent indigenous flora of the area, or can multifunction to include firebreaks, winbreaks, natural barriers, security hedges, orchards, diverse pasture, food production systems, bee fodder, animal fodder etc..


Working with wattle and other invasive plant species

An integrated approach to working with invasive plant species, by making use of them as a resource, whilst managing and reducing their spread and promoting the growth of new systems to take their place. 


Bee fodder 

Tree, herb and pasture systems to provide a regenerative and continual supply of nectar and pollen for bees.  Integrated harmoniusly into your environment, and multifunctioned to provide for other needs such as windbreaks, natural barriers, security hedges, food production systems, pasture and animal fodder and beauty.  Species suited to your unique environment and climate.


Tree care

Health and vitality. Pruning. Tree surgery. Rope access work. Solutions for problem trees
Appropriate species selection and placement of trees
Design of productive windbreaks & living barriers with trees