Introducing ourselves

Who we are

Philippa Mallac

Philippa has been learning, living and working with Permaculture since 1998. Designing and implementing  permaculture systems and food gardens, and facilitating permaculture workshops and courses,  and tree plantings.
Weaving a love for nature and natural environments, and the fulfilment of sustainably providing for ones needs into her to life and work. Learning through experience.
A hands in the earth gardener, permaculturist, beekeeper and dedicated seed saver.

Vernon Pendlebury

Vernon has been working with landscape design and implementation for 15 years and specialised tree care for 20 years. His deep connection with nature and observations of living systems and landscapes guides a natural flow of seeing the patterns in nature and how to work with them harmoniously.

His skills are diverse working as a landscaper, nurseryman, beekeeper, tree carer and handyman. He expresses his love for music as a dj and instrumental sound journeyer and does an excellent job at event management and event waste management.  

His heart aligned to nature, and woven with ritual and ceremony.