Sacred Earth Seeds

Sacred Earth Seeds are grown in the Bitou river valley, in the Garden Route, South Africa.

These seeds are grown within a diverse permaculture garden, hand tended with love, patience and appreciation, throughout their changing forms in the cycle from seed to seed.

Seed saving is a passion and commitment that has inspired us to grow our gardens as living seed banks, honoring and continuing the work of our forefathers and the natural cycles of life.

Our intention for growing these seeds is that they may be sown far and wide, grown by many gardeners and that the seed may continue to be multiplied and passed on.

Seeds are rich in people and places, they are living links in time and place, infused in culture, history, mystery and life,  they are alive and waiting for the living environment, the conditions and the gardeners to begin their journey, from seed to seed, in the cycle of life.

We hope that you find something within our collection to enjoy growing in your garden and we encourage you to begin saving your own seeds, from which you will receive the rewards of your seed adapting to your local environment, the fulfillment of a self seeding and self-sustaining garden and the joy of having surplus to share.

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