Sacred Earth seeds have emerged from the love of nature and nature’s cycles, from the peace, nourishment, bounty and joy that a garden gives!



The love of bio-diversity – variety, in the garden, kitchen and life! The joy of sharing seeds with friends and travelers. They wonder of sowing a seed and watching as it reveals itself!

Discovering tomatoes of all shapes and sizes and colors! Cucumbers with horns! Lettuce with frills and spots! Strawberries with the cream on the inside! Berries held like gifts in magical netted lanterns! Purples peas! Beans that Jack could climb up! And so much more!

Wonders and delights, to nourish and fulfill!

Gardens are an oasis to the spirit, soothing to the soul, a joy, a love, a challenge, a sweat and a pride! And growing ones food is so fulfilling in providing for ourselves.

Gardens will surprise you with their bounty; your baskets will fill and overflow to your neighbors and friends. And the best eating from a garden is the garden grazing that you will do whilst you are in it!

These seeds have originally been passed to us by friends and travelers, and collected from fellow gardeners and seed banks that hold the same ethics of care for the earth, and preservation of diversity of species.


Some of the varieties are heirlooms, handed down for many generations before us. Some we have grown out year after year for the last 10 years and with each season so their heritage grows.



Our seeds are grown naturally in our permaculture garden, with love.

Nourished by compost and earthworms, sunshine and love!  And many other of natures helpers.
With each season, the seeds become more adapted to the unique environment that they are growing in.
Our hope is to inspire and assist others to grow their own gardens and save their own seeds and pass them on.

Start growing your own!

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